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Why I Workout Everyday Without Fail!

Excuses are not a part of my daily workout routine.

Commitment and dedication to #health and #fitness provides benefits in all aspects of your life, whether you are a buff American Gladiator fighting for your life in the arena, or an at-home gamer getting your workout in between battles.

Regular physical activity not only can improve your #muscle strength, #endurance and heart health, it also can improve your focus, concentration and energy level. For me it’s been integral to my #success. It is at the core of who I am, and has helped me earn some of the highly coveted on-screen roles that require a higher level of physical fitness.

As the hulking face of Call of Duty 4, my build leads gamers into battle. As the persona Mayhem on American Gladiators, my physique and non-stop #athleticism are trademarks to my success in the arena.

But none of that came easy to me, it was earned one rep at a time. Off screen, I have battled for it through hours upon hours of #kickboxing and cross-fit training in the gym.

The high intensity #training and no-quit attitude has helped to make me fit and focused, so I can keep an eye on the prize of success in my career and in life.

If you are struggling with your #workout routine, remember one thing... Hard work makes dreams come true! When you feel like you can't get your cardio in, run an extra mile. When your weights feel too heavy to move, get another 10 reps in.

Invest in yourself and never, ever, give up on your dreams!

Need a little push? Check out the link below and get moving.

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