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Why I Give Back...

Recently I was asked by a close friend to come to her classroom and read to her students as a way to promote #literacy and get students pumped up about #reading. I guess my tie-in to #CallOfDuty has made me a celebrity to kids of all ages that play the game and even for those that don't...

They catch wind that I star in a video game and that makes me larger than life or they meet me and I guess my six foot six frame makes me larger than most of the humans they come into contact with.

(Sorry for the quality of the pictures, not all moments in life are photoshop glam!)

Either way, both carry a certain #responsibility with them and I am very aware of the fact that I have an opportunity to make an impact in the lives of others. This is why I give back when I can, but my top reason for #volunteering and giving back: It just feels good...period, nuff said!

There have been countless articles and millions of research papers written on the power positive thinking and actions can have on your own personal, mental, and physical well being. Think about the possibilities that carry with it when you promote positivity through your actions with others. You can actually have a positive impact on their PMA (#Positive #Mental #Attitude) and ultimately improve their health and well being.

This is a total win/win scenario and has been a best practice for me. I take a lot of my cues for moving forward in my personal and professional life by what feels right and good. If something does not give me a positive vibe, then I immediately bristle back and know that it is just not the right fit. Well...this blog feels good and I am going to go with it!

Fam... I am asking you for a favor! As we move forward into this holiday season, I encourage you to give back in anyway, shape or form, and to stay positive. Take in the spirit of the season and use it to better you and those around you.

Need a #philanthropic place to start? Check out some of the resources collected by Charity Navigator to help get you started on giving back.

They even have a page completely dedicated to those affected by the California Wild Fires:

Now go forward and make the magic of the season happen!

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